This is How the Bakersfield Bail Bondsman Can Help You

Do you have a loved one or a friend in jail? The bail bondsman in Bakersfield can help you with you bail bonds.

When someone we love or care about is arrested and detained in jail, it can cause havoc in their lives, as well as in the lives of their loved ones. There is just something about the thought of someone we care about being deprived of their freedom that can cause mental distress. It can also shatter relationships. Sometimes, the effects of these events can go on for years.

While the charges against the person may not be resolved immediately, there can be some relief in the thought of that person being released from prison. While there is a presumption of innocence in the legal system that argues against a defendant being incarcerated before the charges against him are actually proven, and while the court’s interest in meting out a significant amount for bail is intended only to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court during his scheduled hearing dates, many times a defendant cannot afford this amount in the first place so that he has no choice but to remain in jail. This is where the Bakersfield Bail bondsman can help you.

There may be a constitutional provision against “excessive bail,” but the definition for this varies considerably with each person that the line can often be difficult to draw. Not having enough money or property to make bail should not be a hindrance to anyone in their right to be released on bail. A defendant can argue for a lesser bail amount during his bail hearing, but too often, some defendants don’t bother because they can only afford so much, and their resources are nowhere in the vicinity of the amounts set by court. So why bother to argue?

Seeking the help of a bail bondsman is the next best recourse for criminal defendants, especially for those whose resources are extremely limited. Instead of paying for the total bail amount, a bail bondsman only requires ten percent of this. And while this amount is usually non-refundable, the benefits are considerable.

First, you will no longer have to shell out any additional money until the end of the trial, as long as you attend your court hearing dates. And secondly, a duly licensed bail bonds agent that is recognized by the local court system, such as the Bakersfield bail bonds agency in California, will take on the responsibility for your bail. Upon payment of the statutory fee, we will post a surely bond on your behalf and help secure your release from prison.